Removing disconnected Mailboxes from Exchange 2010

This is a quick how to which will enable you to remove any disconnected mailboxes from exchange 2010, since the purge mailbox feature is no longer available. 1. Run a clean on your mailbox store Perform the below command in order to run the Clean task on your exchange mailbox store, you need to … Read more

Exchange Server Build Numbers and Release Dates Exchange Server 2010 SP2 build numbers Product name Release date Build number Update Rollup 4 v2 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2 October 9, 2012 14.02.0318.004 Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2 August 13, 2012 14.02.0318.002 Update Rollup 3 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2 May 29, 2012 … Read more

Exchange 2010 FAQ: Why is My Disk Filling Up with Log Files? A best practice for Exchange 2010 mailbox servers is to store the database and transaction log files on completely separate disks. This is to protect the server from data loss if one disk or the other has a failure.

Mailbox export requests in Exchange 2010

Get-MailboxExportRequest to see all the requests Get-MailboxExportRequest -Status Completed | Remove-MailboxExportRequest to remove the completed. Get-MailboxExportRequest | Remove-MailboxExportRequest to remove all of them $mailboxes = get-mailbox foreach ($mailbox in $mailboxes) { new-mailboxexportrequest -mailbox $mailbox -FilePath \\server\share\$mailbox.pst } 9 ways Exchange 2010 reduces spam Written by Ed Fisher on October 27, 2010 The Exchange 2010 Edge Transport role implements nine different technologies for reducing spam hitting your information store and your users’ inboxes. While all of these are available to you, some require some additional configuration, others require some degree of monitoring, and all should be well … Read more