Future Battery Technologies for solar systems

http://www.wholesalesolar.com/deep-cycle-battery-info.html Future Trends Companies world-wide are quickly adjusting to the increased global market for solar systems by developing batteries that are better suited for photovoltaic systems.  At some distant point in the future, it is likely that lead-acid batteries will become extinct, as newer technologies in lithium ion and Nickel metal hydride continue to evolve.  … Read more

Deep Cycle Battery FAQ

http://www.windsun.com/Batteries/Battery_FAQ.htm What is a Battery? Types of Batteries Battery Lifespan Starting, Marine, or Deep Cycle? Deep Cycle Battery as a Starting Battery? What Batteries are made of Industrial Batteries (fork lift type) Sealed Batteries Battery Size Codes Gel Cells (and why we don’t like them) AGM Batteries (and why we do like them) Temperature Effects … Read more

Is this the power plant of the future?

http://environmental.lilithezine.com/Profitable-Solar-Power.html Is this the power plant of the future? By solar thermal, Khosla Ventures’ Vinod Khosla is referring more specifically to concentrating solar power, as opposed to solar thermal technologies used to provide space heating and hot water in buildings, or conventional solar power, where the sunlight strikes a PV cell and is converted into … Read more