Ubuntu uninstall AMD drivers

$ /usr/bin/amdgpu-pro-uninstall bash: /usr/bin/amdgpu-pro-uninstall: No such file or directory $ /usr/bin/amdgpu-uninstall bash: /usr/bin/amdgpu-uninstall: No such file or directory   dpkg: error processing archive /var/opt/amdgpu-pro-local/./amdgpu-dkms-firmware_5.9.10.69-1234664_all.deb (–unpack): trying to overwrite ‘/usr/share/doc/amdgpu-dkms-firmware/LICENSE’, which is also in package rock-dkms-firmware 1:4.1-26 dpkg-deb: error: paste subprocess was killed by signal (Broken pipe) Errors were encountered while processing: /var/opt/amdgpu-pro-local/./amdgpu-dkms-firmware_5.9.10.69-1234664_all.deb E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg … Read more

Kubernetes vs. Docker

https://containerjournal.com/topics/container-ecosystems/kubernetes-vs-docker-a-primer/ The differences and similarities between two of the most influential open source projects of 2018. Kubernetes versus Docker is a topic that has been raised numerous times in the cloud computing industry. Whether you come from a non-technical background and need a quick introduction or if you need to make a business decision, I … Read more

413 Request Entity Too Large

Unexpected response from the server. The file may have been uploaded successfully. Check in the Media Library or reload the page. Add the following line to http or server or location context to increase the size limit in nginx.conf, enter: # set client body size to 2M # client_max_body_size 2M; The client_max_body_size directive assigns the … Read more

Run Your Own Email Server on CentOS/RHEL – Postfix SMTP Server

Setting up a basic Postfix SMTP server Set up Dovecot IMAP server and TLS encryption Create Virtual Mailboxes with PostfixAdmin Creating SPF and DKIM record to get through spam filters Setting up DMARC to protect your domain reputation How to Stop Your Emails From Being Marked as Spam How to Host Multiple Mail Domains in … Read more