Remove print drivers from Windows 7

You can remove print drivers that are not associated with a local printer or connection using the printui.exe tool in an admin elevated command prompt type printui /s /t2 Be sure to remove the driver AND the package.

Windows Instrumentation command-line interface (WMIC)

By using the Windows Instrumentation command-line interface (WMIC), you can easily uninstall an application without having to use the GUI. Once you become familiar with the steps, it will be much faster than having to access the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel. 1. In a command prompt type WMIC and press Return. You … Read more

Where are the vmware data recovery logs? Verbose troubleshooting information can be reviewed using the vSphere Client: In the vSphere Client, select Home > Solutions and Applications > VMware Data Recovery. Enter the virtual machine name or IP address of the VMware Data Recovery backup appliance and click Connect. Click the Configuration tab. Hold down the Shift key, and click the Log link. The Verbose log interface appears. Click Client Log, Appliance Operations Log, or Appliance … Read more

Slow mouse performance on Windows 2008 R2 virtual machine

Install the SVGA II adapter located in: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VMware\Drivers\video   After installing the SVGA II Drivers:   Now you have to change Hardware Acceleration to Full in the Windows 2008 R2 Virtual Machine. Right click in Desktop, select Screen resolution option Click on Advanced settings and then Click on Troubleshoot tab, and select Change … Read more